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Name Zoran Đurić
Birth January, 27, 1975; Prokuplje, Serbia
Address Belgrade, Serbia
Status Married, two children


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One upon a time...

 In the beginning (1989) was the PC XT, 4Mhz, Hercules 720x248

   My father bought me my first computer in 1989. At that time, Amiga and Atari computers were popular.
   Two of my friends had these two computers, and I played on them from time to time, a little more on Amiga, because it had more games, although Icko, the owner of Atari, claimed that Atari was much better.
   However, when buying me a computer, my father ordered from a friend in Germany, without telling him which one to buy, and he brought a PC XT computer, at 4MHz, and a turbo button that gave full power of 10 MHz, a black and white monitor I think it was 14", 5.25" floppy disk, and a Hercules graphics card with a resolution of 720 x 348.

Later I realized that it was possible to switch to CGA mode 320 x 200 and it even had 4 shades of yellow.

At that time, it was a bit harder to find games for PC computers. The first games I came into contact with were:
- Digger
- Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards
- Eye of the Beholder
- The Secret of Monkey Island
With them, I fell in love with computers.

   Later I installed Turbo Pascal: Turbo Pascal and started coding, little by little, for my own soul. With a friend who drew me the maps, I also made a poker simulation, like the one on the slot machines of those days.

   After Pascal, Clipper appeared and that was my first contact with databases.
I stayed on it for a long time, and DBASE databases. There I also earned my first money, making an inventory of the state of a store, and for my own soul I coded a program for running video clubs, which had all the options I could think of, which had a total of 500,000 characters, then typed by my hand ... there was no autocomplete option.
   In those years, since there were few games for PC, I also started selling them in Serbia. I teamed up with Miloš Gulan from Montenegro, who sold in Montenegro, and I sold in Serbia.
When it happened that one of us didn't have a game that someone was looking for, the other would send it by mail. We even advertised in Svet Kompjutera. Those were good days... Then my first review of a video game was published in Svet Kompjutera

   In the early 90s Windows 3.1, also appeared, I remember to this day, the first contact with it, when I installed it on XTu (barely) and when the first windows appeared, I asked myself what this was going to be used for!?

   Then I learned about the existence of BBSes. I also bought a 1200 baud modem, and I started to deal with that as well (Politika, Sezam, Feniks...).

   In high school we had Pecom 32 and 64б computers with BASIC programming language, as well as one PC AT computer, which I was sitting at, which had GWBasic programming language.

   At the beginning of my studies, I bought a PC AT computer which was very good at the time. Then I fell in love with programming in Delphi programming language which was in my humble opinion the best programming language that ever existed. I took my hat off to the "C" programming language only when writing drivers, for everything else Delphi was "mama".

   My code written in Delphi worked on all versions of Windows, without any changes, starting from Windows 95, 97, 98, ME, XT, .. Then I wrote programs that I later successfully sold over the internet through my first website Later, when the co.yu domain was discontinued, I changed the name and switched to .com, where those small programs still exist today at

In 2001, after finishing my studies, I got a job at PAMET company in Belgrade, for the starting salary of just 400 USD. I was part of the last group of three people they hired, who underwent a three-month course in JAVA and the then very popular ATG DYNAMO server.
I have fond memories of that company; I worked on an internal project called Knowledge Base, similar to Microsoft's Project Manager but as a web application. I learned a lot of things there, from our lecturer Mika, later from mentor Dejan Nedić, and project manager Goran Opačić. Each of them influenced my later 'programming journey' in their own way. At that time, the company had over 60 JAVA developers, and that's when its decline began. From what I heard later, I'm not sure if it's 100% true, the owner of the company, our man in America, had a deal with the owners of ATG Dynamo server to provide him with coding jobs, and he would provide programmers, but during the year of ATG Dynamo's action, business plummeted drastically, and there were no more jobs, so the layoffs began. From the group of the youngest ones, who had just joined the company, I was the only one left, survived the first round of layoffs, then the second round, then the third, until there were only five of us left in the company. That's when I started hanging out with Saša Potić, who was one of those who survived the layoffs and was one of the best Project Managers I had the opportunity to work with. Everything was okay for a while, but there were still no new jobs...

During those days, Dušan and Peđa, former employees from PAMET, got the green light from "investors" to implement their idea for betting software in Java. That was the precursor to the software used today in MOZART betting shops. I received an offer to join them and work with them, which I accepted. The company was called TELEBET at that time, and I continued JAVA coding there, in a rented apartment behind the National Theater. The team was phenomenal, with Dušan, Peđa, Bole, Ivan Đurić... We were working with EJB 1.0 for the first time, using session and entity beans (which we quickly dropped because they proved to be too slow)...

In September of that year, I received a call-up for military service, and during my service, I worked in Delphi on some system for record-keeping for the needs of the military institution where I was stationed. After the military, I had a choice: to return to Telebet or to move to Arius, a company unknown to me at that time.
I decided to join Arius, mainly because Sasha Potić was already working there, but also because the project he was on was very challenging. This later proved to be the right decision because under the leadership of the tireless Lole, I worked on many projects both domestically and internationally.

The first project in the new company was software development for issuing ID cards for the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Led by Ljilja Đokić, Noki and Potić, the project progressed very quickly. It was a great time, and the team we started working with was great: 'little Vasa', twins from Canada, Jelena Todorović, Sasha Stojanović... It was one of those projects where a lot of work was done and where a lot could be learned. Later, excellent programmers and good friends such as Gavrilo Belaćević, Igor Stojković, Bane Todosijević, and Miroslav Huđec joined the project.
Later, when it was put into production, we quickly developed software for issuing passports in Serbia, and then I almost single-handedly developed software (a web application) for issuing passports in Serbian embassies. There was a lot of work and many challenges, but also a lot of enjoyable moments... Those applications still work in Serbia today... We reached more than 10 million issued ID cards..
With Potić and Ana Dobrashinović, I worked on a couple of other projects, and then both of them left the company.
After working on ID Cards and Passports, I was transferred to the CMS (Credit Card Management) project, whose development began before the emergence of the STRUTS framework. There, I became familiar with bank cards, online transactions, redesigned the project, optimized it, added the STRUTS framework to the project... and I was on this project for quite a long time, which is still led by the never-tired Jelena Mijatović.

From the projects, I would especially mention that Arius developed a project for the National Lottery of Nigeria, which I think was in production for a couple of years, and then the Americans came and pushed us out :-(. The project was a little perfection and besides standard options, it included betting via SMS, printing tickets at POS terminals, which we tried to implement in Serbia, but... you know how it goes...

Then there were travels, negotiations with clients, and the first sale and installation in America (Las Vegas), then the second client in Hawaii, then the third... Redesigning the CMS project into a new brand Card3ie, with which we made a little perfection and covered the business logic and functionalities demanded by the American market.

From a programmer, I became a team leader, then a system architect, Project Manager, (all in one :-))

And to keep it short, as it's in my CV, I worked on various projects, with many excellent programmers, both on projects in Serbia and in Switzerland, England, America, Nigeria, Italy...

So, in short, that's my "programming history"... Here I am, "21 years pushing forward" in the same company, where I've done almost everything from Java work to databases, server-side development, GUI design, to code optimizations for online transactions where every millisecond matters...

And even today, I still love to code...



Graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Nis, 1993-2001.

Dipl. Ing. (B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Department). Working on Thesis on design of a database for managing the business of a specified company, using Borland Database Engine (BDE) and ADO database access.


High school

"Gimnazija Radoš Jovanović Selja", Kuršumlija 1989-1993.


 Serbian - Native
 English - Advanced


  • JavaSE/EE 25+ years
  • Spring framework
  • JPA & Hibernate framework
  • Struts framework
  • JSP & JSF
  • Tiles & Sitemesh framework & Thymeleaf
  • JDBC & PL-SQL &
  • Apache commons, Lucene,..
  • MQ, Sockets..
  • ..allmost everything you can imagine with Java :-)
  1. Websphere, JBoss, Tomcat, Payara.
  2. AWS
  3. DB2, Oracle, Mysql, PostgreSQL
  4. XML based technologies (XML, XSD, XSL...)
  5. REST/SOAP Web-services
  6. Data security, OWASP, PCI DSS, PCI SSF
  7. Bouncy Castle
  8. Code & Database optimizations
  9. CVS & SVN & GITLab & GITHub

Development tools

System platforms & Tools


  • IBM Certified Solution Developer - WebSphere Studio, V5.0


 Card 3.0

- a revolutionary platform for issuing (Visa/MasteCard/Dina/ClosedLoop) and managing multi-application payment products covering all business processes involved in the Payment Lifecycle

Team leader, developer(tasgroup)

(Jboss, Web Sphere, JPA, JSF 2.x, EJB 3.x, Icefaces, jQuery)

 PS Channels

- Innovative payment solution. Using PS Channels, financial institutions, fintech's and other businesses build globally compliant real-time, cross-border payments solutions. PS Channels payments platform addresses issuing, acquiring and real-time payment challenges facing financial institutions, the retail and insurance industries and gaming properties. It processes digital and cash transactions while serving businesses as well as banked and underbanked consumers through crucial financial services such as money transfers, credit and debit processing, ATMs, POS services, branded payments, currency exchange and many more...

Team leader, developer(tasgroup)

(Java, Spring framework, Kafka, Docker, Redis Cache, Hibernate, Spring Config Server, MariaDB/PostgreSQL/DB2/Oracle)

 Payment Authorization module

- The card authorization software is a high-performance solution designed to support 300+ TPS while operating on various databases. Built entirely using Java technology, this software ensures robustness, reliability, and platform independence. Its architecture allows seamless integration with different database systems, facilitating flexibility and scalability to meet diverse business needs

Team leader, developer(tasgroup)

(Java, PostgreSQL/Oracle/DB2/MariaDB, ISO8583)


- contributed to enhancing the security posture of web applications to align with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and System and Organization Controls (SOC) for Cybersecurity requirements. This involved participating in software changes essential for compliance, particularly focusing on implementing measures to address PCI DSS/SSF Data Security Standards

System arhitect, consultant, developer (arsblue, Best vision)

(Spring framework, Hibernate, Apache libraries, OWASP security, Spring security, JSP, JSTL, Custom implemented data security, Bouncy Castle...)


- E-commerce services offer companies operating in the distance selling sector a comprehensive and secure tool for accepting payments via debit/credit cards. The "Payment Gateway" includes a comprehensive Back Office system where users can view operations and manage transactions. This includes processing requests to charge the cardholder during order processing, as well as crediting payments back in the event of returns..

Team leader, System arhitect (Arsblue, Triveneto)

(Web Sphere, Spring framework, Hibernate framework, Spring security, JSP, Apache libraries, Bouncy Castle, PA/PCI certified product, jQuery, Jasper reporting)


- The "Issuing Fraud Software" is a payment facilitation product designed to address the inherent fraud risks and liabilities associated with issuing payments for businesses and issuers. It operates on a rule-based system and features a powerful GUI that enables users to design their fraud monitoring system. With customizable business logic and transaction decision-making capabilities, it simplifies the process of managing fraud and allows for easy implementation of tailored fraud prevention measures.

Team leader, System arhitect (Arsblue)

(Web Sphere, Spring framework, Hibernate framework, Spring security, JSP, Apache libraries, Bouncy Castle, PA/PCI certified product, jQuery, iText)


Anti Money Laundery software can be interfaced to any banking application, it helps the financial institutions to save the reputation providing a solution to fights the crime by detecting, investigating and reporting money laundering activities. automatically identifies, classifies and uncovers suspicious activities, so financial service organizations can have faster access to critical information, detect suspicious activities with greater accuracy, easily access an audit trail, and present investigators with accurate and relevant information.

Team leader, System arhitect (Arsblue)

(Web Sphere, Spring framework, Hibernate framework, Spring security, JSP, Apache libraries, Bouncy Castle, PA/PCI certified product, jQuery, iText)


- Asoft Dispute is a module for the implementation of Visa and MasterCard dispute processes.

Team leader, System arhitect (Arsblue)

(Web Sphere, Spring framework, Hibernate framework, Spring security, JSP, Apache libraries, Bouncy Castle, jQuery)


- Card Management web application(Card life cycle management, debit, credit, pre-paid, virtual, and mobile. Multi-banking, multi-currency, multi-brand and multi-account system...)

Team Leader, System Arhitect, Developer (Arsblue)

(Web application, Struts/Spring, Tomcat/Websphere/JBoss, Apache Libraries, MQ, jQuery)


- is software solution that provides wide range of standard ATM transactions and keeps mechanism to open new service channels according banking needs

Team Leader, System Arhitect, Developer (Arsblue)

(Web application, Spring, Tomcat/Websphere/JBoss, Apache Libraries, jQuery)


- Booking system for credit/debit card maintaining

Team Leader, System Arhitect, Developer (Arsblue)

(Web application, Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat/Websphere/JBoss, Apache Libraries, MQ, jQuery)


- System for centralized real time issue management system (for ATM, Kiosk’s)

Team Leader, System Arhitect, Developer (Arsblue)

(Web application, Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat/Websphere/JBoss, Apache Libraries, jQuery, Jasper reporting)


Nigeria National Lottery Regulator commission Games Statistics. All tickets from all permit holders in Nigeria are sent to our database, for future checking and statistics.

Team leader, System arhitect (Arsblue)

(Web Sphere, Spring framework, Hibernate framework, Spring security, JSP, Apache libraries, jQuery)


- is the brand defining our last new integrated application platform oriented to Internet Banking, front office, independent asset managers, risk managers and family officers

Team leader, consultant, developer (Best vision)

(Web application, Tomcat, Oracle, Spring, Tiles, JDBC template, jQuery)


- Framework for defining presentation layer and jasper reports using XML

Team Leader, System Arhitect, Developer (Arsblue)

(Web application, Struts, JDBC, Tomcat/Websphere/JBoss, Apache Libraries, jQuery, Jasper reporting, iText)


Data Confidentiality System - centralize and automate manipulation with the registry files, mainly regarding the bank clients confidential information, as well as to facilitate easy information findings

Team leader, developer (Best vision)

(Web application, Web Sphere 6.0, AS 400, RPG calls from java, DB2, Struts, Tiles, jQuery, Java applet for document scanning, Morena scanner support library, IBM cryptolite, barcode recognition /zxing library/)


- Software that provide ticket handling, calculations, reporting and web layer over existing C++ application that handle horse betting

Team leader, System arhitect, developer (CM3 Ingénierie)

(Web application, Tomcat, Spring framework, Hibernate, Jasper reporting)


Nigeria National lotto system (with integrated SMS, POS tickets)

Team Leader, System Arhitect, Developer (Arsblue)

(Web application, Spring, Hibernate, Websphere, Apache Libraries, HTML, DHTML, CSS, Javascript, Jasper reporting)

 PrimarniID, PutneIsprave, DKP

- System for issuing of civil primary identification documents
- System for issuing of passports
- System for issuing of passports in Serbian embassies
for Ministry of Interior Republic of Serbia.

Team Leader, System Arhitect, Developer (Arsblue)

(Web application, Java, Web Sphere 5.0/6.0, Oracle 9i, EJB 2.x, Struts, Tiles, PL-SQL, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, ActiveX, Jasper reporting)


Mobile Recharge System - Multi thread java application for mobile recharge (Java application-Java, DB2, ISO 8583 messages)

Team Leader, System Arhitect, Developer (Arsblue)

(Web application, Spring, Hibernate, Websphere, Apache Libraries, HTML, DHTML, CSS, Javascript, Jasper reporting)


ARC - Arsblue Core Library - Library used in our company as basic development library for web applications

System Arhitect, Developer (Arsblue)

(Spring, Hibernate, Apache Libraries, JDBC, MQ, PL-SQL ...)


Portfolio management system - Designed for professional money managers, investment advisors, accounting firms

Developer (Best vision)

(Web application-Java, Tomcat 5, DB2 AS 400, Spring, Hibernate, Acegi security, Java Script, RPG calls, HTML, DHTML)


Project issue management system - Manage employees, projects (tasks, subtasks,...), issues and employee reporting time (by project, for a selected time period,...)

Team Leader, System Arhitect, Developer (Arsblue)

(Web application, Struts, JDBC, Websphere, Apache Libraries, HTML, DHTML, CSS, Javascript)

 Self employeed - Multilanguage web site for for managing companies details in Serbia - Online dictionary (Serbian<--->English) with more than 300.000 words & phrases - Online auction web site

MP3 catalog - Software package for video clubs, automated generations and design of MP3 catalogs
Dental clinic - Software for automated data maintenance in dental clinics
Computer shop - Software for automated tracking of selling computer components
Café 2 - Software for restaurants and clubs
Software above can be downloaded from my web sites:

Software packages mentioned above are today widely used in more than 50 countries around the world.



Company I'm working for more than 20 years, with good friends that produces great software for many clients in many countries :-). It's not just a job, it is a good time spent in friendly environment where you can get involved with a wide range of activities.

Having full flexibility, due to its own software products and alliances, ArsBlue is empowered to be an architect of the modern payment solutions. We design and build innovative payment systems with ease.

ArsBlue has unique efficiency in development, implementation and maintenance because it is one of very few software companies that developed ALL solution components with the latest user-friendly technology.

Arsblue was bought by TAS. For more info about ARIUS company click on


Digital payment solutions. Arsblue was bought by TAS

For more info click here

For more info click on

 Best vision

Company that outsourced some projects to Arsblue, that I'm leading. For more than 2 years, I spent every month one week in Switzerland and three weeks in Serbia. I found a lot of friends there.

For more info click on

 CM3 Ingénierie

Company that outsourced project to Arsblue, that I'm leading. Making a bridge between C++ application they have, and Java, for transfering more than 500 000 tickets per day, present various reports, calculations, was a big chalenge.

For more info click on